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Impact Hub — Where Change Goes to Work

This week marked my first full day of work at a co-working space in nearly 5 years. Back then, I was working on my first business, weBike, in a co-working space called the Affinity Lab. weBike and the Affinity Lab were both firsts. weBike was the first stationless bike sharing system in North America, and Affinity Lab was the very first co-working space in the country. Although neither are around any more, since that time, the entrepreneurship and co-working scenes have exploded in DC, mirroring a trend happening in many cities around the world.

I’m beginning a journey back into the DC entrepreneurship community by visiting a new co-working space each week. In blogging about my experience, I hope to shine a light on the unique qualities and traits of each space I visit. So let’s kick it off!

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